OAMM Sport

Connected Stadiums

We attend live events to be part of a tribal experience. To connect with the action, with the participants and with each other. And to stay connected.

Hi-density Wi-Fi is revolutionising how venues and their brand partners engage with fans. Through our network of stadium and arena partnerships, OAMM can devise a strategy for your brand to reach millions of live attendees via smartphone and IPTV platforms. It’s the next evolution in fan engagement and your brand can share this journey.

LED Perimeter

Embed your brand in some of Australia’s favourite sporting teams & events around the country with Australia’s leading Sports Signage Provider.

In an extremely fragmented & cluttered market OAMM can help you position your brand in the game for maximum exposure and premium cut through. OAMM has over 10 year’s experience working with some of Australia’s biggest brands providing cost effective campaigns reaching millions of sports fans at various sporting codes including the NRL, AFL, Rugby Union & A League just to name a few.

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